BCS Upgrades

Our software modification service is well respected from our customer base. We go above and beyond the average shop, doing far more than the bare minimum. We teach our customers to utilize the new software upon request. Our customers come to us, before others, simply because we explain how to use your device  in a "user friendly" way.

We can root, jailbreak many androids, iphones

SIM Unlock phones to be used with other carriers

Bootloader Unlock select devices

Custom rom select androids to upgrade them further than original equipment manufacturers will let happen

WIFI Tether select devices

Virus removal


such as screen, battery replacements, speaker and mic replacements, on select phone models.


Virus removal

Spyware removal

Malware removal

anomaly repair

Part upgrades such as ram, and hard drives

Operating System Upgrades

We are not liable for damages from the  enduser if you do not heed our warning of running custom roms, as well as user deletion of important files

 P.S. firmware modification (jailbreaking and rooting) is currently legal, and has been legal since the Supreme Court ruled against apple in "George Hots vs Apple" in July of 2010

Software Modification/ Repair Technition (jailbreak, root, unlock, computer clean-up) contact info:

Robert B.

Phone: 504 402 6435

email: agito504@gmail.com

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We Strive for your satisfaction 

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